Benefits of Retrofitting an Older Building to Accommodate a Modern Commercial Lift

Most newly constructed commercial buildings feature lifts, and with good reason. Having a lift improves accessibility and safety, makes it easier to transport large or heavy items between floors, and creates happier workers and customers.

Not all older buildings in Singapore have lifts, though. This article will outline a few of the most essential benefits of lift installation in Singapore in an effort to help property owners understand how much they have to gain by retrofitting their older commercial buildings.

Reduce Traffic in Stairwells

Commercial buildings that feature many offices, retail stores, or other spaces can get very crowded. When these crowds hit the stairwells, it can leave visitors at higher risk of slipping and falling, which can spell disaster on stairs. High-traffic buildings may even benefit from the installation of multiple lifts, although even one lift is better than forcing everyone to use the stairs.

Save Space

The obvious alternative to installing a commercial lift in a high-traffic building would be to install a second stairwell. This takes up substantially more space than just putting in a new lift, which will be much more compact than a full set of stairs.

Increase Customer or Client Base

If a commercial building doesn’t have at least one lift, the businesses located within that building are going to be missing out on a lot of business. After all, nobody with mobility issues will be able to visit the stores or offices in a building without a lift, and those who advocate for the disabled are unlikely to patronize a building that they see as being less than accommodating. Even pregnant women will be unable to visit multi-story commercial buildings if they can’t take a lift between floors.

Keep Renters Happy

The ability to serve a wider range of customers or clients will keep businesses renting space in commercial buildings happy, which will lead to lower turnaround rates for property owners and could even mean that they can afford to charge more rent. Chances are the employees that are currently scaling multiple flights of stairs just to get to and from work every day will also be happy about the installation of a new lift.