Why Should You Build An Orangery?

An orangery is a classic and traditional method of extending your home. Orangeries are known to have been built as early as 1545 where they were originally used to shelter citrus trees during the winter. 

Nowadays, though, an orangery is a fantastic alternative to a conservatory and can add a touch of elegance to your property. You can hire professionals to ‘construct an orangery’ (also known as construire une orangerie in the French language) based on your own personal preferences.

Orangeries are sometimes embellished with intricate and luxurious details such as pillars and columns whereas conservatories tend to have a more basic design. Due to the materials used for an orangery compared to a conservatory, orangeries can offer an organic-looking house extension to your home.

The windows of an orangery are usually divided by large brickwork or stone pillars whereas conservatories are often made up of glass walls. An orangery roof is often either a solid structured brick roof with a glass pyramid style center or a fully glassed roof with the same pyramid design.

It allows natural light to come into the room via the ceiling. As orangeries require a longer construction period and more materials than that of a conservatory. Orangery costs will usually be more expensive.