Important Facts on the Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring for a new log home is always a thing that worries owners. As wood is organic it can easily get burned and so a perfect kind of electric wiring is needed for a material like wood. The electrician performs his main task once the dry-in phase of construction is complete. 

The electrician should be contracted and he also should be consulted early in the construction process to approve and supervise wiring in the second floor system, roof system, and in the log wall system. 


To wire the outlet boxes, many holes will be required. This should be done by your log erection crew when they are installing the logs. When drilling the holes in the subfloor, the construction crew will need to mark their location. It is important that the holes are drilled through the subfloor. You will need to cut the outlet box holes at this point.

An excellent way to cut an outlet box is by knowing the following. This is done by marking the outline of the box on the log wall using the actual box to guide you. Next, drill a series 1-inch to 1-1/2 inch holes around the outline with a hole-saw bit or butterfly bit.