Know About The Choices For Adding a Skylight in Australia

Many homes, especially older ones, have dark rooms. This is not the photographic type.

Poor design is often responsible for the poor lighting. An area in the middle of the house that has no outside walls will have inadequate light. Dark rooms are typically bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways.

A skylight is one solution. Skylights will let in natural sunlight from the outside. Skylights or roof windows are becoming more popular these days and will add a touch of class to your home. For your home, if you want to install rooftop windows in Australia, then you can browse the web.


Modern skylights are not prone to leakage, contrary to popular belief. Modern skylights are made from high-tech materials. If properly installed, they should not allow water in. Older skylights are often made on the spot and not properly sealed. This is why the "skylights always leak" rumor originated.

You have many options today when it comes to purchasing a pre-built skylight.

1. Energy-Efficient Glass.

Many box skylights have double-pane glass which increases their energy efficiency. Special coatings on glass permit natural light to pass through, while also blocking ultraviolet light. 

2. Safety Glass

Tempered glass shatters into pellets instead of shards and protects homeowners in the event that a skylight breaks. Although it is more costly, it should be used in all home skylights. Laminate glass is also an option.

Any skylight that requires painting should be avoided. Vinyl, painted aluminum, and wood are susceptible to weathering and peeling.