Important Tips On Buying Gold Bars And Gold Bullion

For families, from the rich and the reasonably wealthy to the common person looking to invest some of their hard-earned cash after they have spent on necessities, gold bars are the best investment option.

The idea of buying gold coins or gold bars is no doubt an attractive option that hedges against money plowed in other volatile and risky ventures or investments. Primarily, gold bars are ingots that can be melted and made into jewelry of different weights, designs, and sizes.

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Gold bars are an investment option where smaller bars are costly because of the low premium to bigger bars. Gold bars come with markings of the manufacturer, weight, purity and those by small manufacturers come without a serial number. Each bar has its own distinctive feature but most minted bars worldwide carry a motif on the reverse.

The range of 'good delivery' by exchanges specifies purity between 99%- 99.9%. Bars manufactured for jewelers and fabricators seldom carry weights and purity markings. 

Gold can be bought in troy ounce, tola, gram, and tael weights. Troy ounces should not be confused with food weight which is lighter.

Major Banks are known to maintain gold accounts and gold bars for customers who are interested in investment while speculators go through brokers and private banks.