Facts About The Unplugged Wine

It’s Wine Unplugged philosophy is that winemaking doesn’t require limitations, but what they do require is focus, quality, and a final destination.

With a particular focus on choosing the best vineyards and a delicate method of handling and small-batch winemaking, the wines are an authentic reflection of the vineyard.

Wines that speak of sophistication as well as distinctness, pure fruit flavor, and pure happiness. You may hop over here eurowein.ch/sortiment/weine/rotweine/ to buy unplugged wine(also known as ‘eurowein.ch/sortiment/weine/rotweine/   unplugged wein‘ in the French language).


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These handmade babies are designed with love and are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. An authentic expression of the place A true expression of place, the Unplugged Chardonnay is a true expression of the region.

Unplugged Chardonnay was picked early to ensure the character of the fruit and balanced acidity. It was then aged and fermented in stainless steel to show the impact of terroir on the wine without the protection of oak. This keeps the wine fresh and is an excellent way to demonstrate the versatility of Chardonnay sitting on the bench.

Due to this, there will be an additional charge of $5 on any orders that contain alcohol. This charge will be waived for Seasons Pass members! Make sure to wear a mask whenever the driver arrives at the door.

There are no winemaking limitations, such as making wine with the same label or from a specific vineyard, region, or country, but what it does require is creativity, quality, and determination.