Difference Between Scrum Vs SAFe

The Scrum methodology is an iterative process of product development that focuses on routine delivery. It is based on teams that are cross-functional along with a set of ceremonies and certain roles that support them to facilitate these deliveries.

SAFe is the acronym as "Scalable Agile Framework." It is the method of scaling Scrum to allow it to work for larger companies that have more teams working with the same product. the way Scrum suggests. For further information about SAFe Scrum Master, SSM Certification, Scaled Agile Scrum Training, you can check various online websites.

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To summarize, we can say that Agile is a method that you work with and a mental attitude. The Scrum framework claims to be founded on Agile beliefs and values. SAFe is a framework for scaling to use scrum on a company scale.

The biggest challenge in Scrum is scaling it up to larger as well as more complicated projects which need multiple teams, and also in connecting it to enterprise-level management functions like project management, program management, and overall project or product portfolio management.

Two well-known methods have emerged to help facilitate this the scrum of scrums along with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Both are excellent starting points to help scale agile within an organization.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe):

Another option to scale agile across large companies is SAFe. SAFe is a more organized approach to scaling agile, rather than scrums of scrums. SAFe defines three levels within the company including portfolio, program, and team. This model is ideal for larger organizations because it uses an approach that is tier-wise for the performance of work.