Best Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Hybrids combine benefits of indica and Sativa strains

One important reason that hybrid cannabis strains have become so popular is that they often combine the most enjoyable features of the best indica and Sativa weed strains. This can mean that you get the combined enjoyment of a deeply satisfying physical body effect with a stress-busting psychoactive euphoric high.

Of course, there are the indica purists who pursue nothing less than a 100% indica. There are also the pure Sativa hunters who accept no compromise on their preferred Sativa genetics. 

But for many of the rest of us, the best hybrid weed strains hit the spot perfectly. They balance the complementary pleasures of satisfying both the body and soul. They do it so well that many growers find that hybrid feminized seed varieties are the only ones they need.

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Mokum’s Tulip feminized seeds

One of the most resinous Dutch Passion varieties of all time, Mokum’s Tulip combines indica and Sativa genetics from Sherbet with a very special Gelato. Most growers buy these feminized seeds for the extreme potency of the cannabis produced from them. However, yields are also solid from this variety which has one of the best terpene profiles you will find on any modern hybrid.

If you love the sweet dessert-like taste from Gelato you will love Mokum’s Tulip. You will lose yourself enjoying the sweet delicious taste. The feel-good high leaves you wonderfully stoned. 

The buds are firm, as you squeeze them you feel trichomes melting, giving your fingertips a skunky stickiness, which will retain the sweet aroma for some time. She’s easy and fast to grow to thanks to her hybrid vigor.