How To Get Permits For Camping In Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is known for its beauty and is the world's largest sand island. It's located along the coastline of Queensland Australia. Fraser Island is a tranquil place with an abundant amount of wildlife animals and flora to delight you with its magnificent tropical rainforests that boast trees that rise up to 200 meters in the air provide shelter and homes to a variety of birds, including kookaburra's birds of prey, cockatoos, owls, king, and doves.

It is the best place for camping. If you’re thinking of going camping, then Fraser Island is the best place for you. When you first arrive at Fraser Island you must obtain a permit to camp as well as your vehicle, when you're taking your vehicle to the island. To take Fraser island camping permits visit

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This permit should be visible throughout the day and include the number of your reservation. The permit for camping must be displayed at the rear of your tent. Your vehicle permit must be placed in the front of your windscreen in order that rangers are able to observe them when they come in to check things. These permits are available on the internet or at shops that sell them over the counter across Queensland.

There are plenty of excellent camping areas at Fraser Island but there are several beautiful resorts on the island that will suit all budgets. Enjoy your time at Fraser Island and no matter which season you are there, be safe, and don't forget to slip, splash and slap on sunscreen.