Benefits Of Using Concrete Slabs For Home Construction

A concrete slab is a rectangular, flat and strong structure made of concrete. The concrete slab is 10-50 cm thick and is mainly used in the construction process. They are used on floors, roofs, bridge decks, houses and various buildings to make them strong.

Design and Shape

They come in various shapes and designs. Suspended panels are designed to create and maintain strength and weight. If a waffle pod block design change is required, it is imported to the bottom of the concrete slab; while the top remains unchanged. Below are some of the types:

Waffle concrete slabs: Like ribbed concrete slabs, they are designed to increase the strength of the building. These concrete slabs have extra strength in both directions.

Corrugated concrete slabs: These slabs are made of a combination of steel and concrete. Concrete is usually dumped into a sturdy steel shell to make it stronger for building and construction purposes. It also increases the length of the board, making it very stiff. Such concrete slabs are very difficult to bend.

Striped Concrete Panels: Special concrete panels manufactured to increase the strength of a building. These plates have a special extra strength and strength in one direction. So, such a force is used to prevent dangerous shaking of the building.

Disposable Slabs: These are strong and durable concrete slabs. With these panels, structural strength is guaranteed in the shortest possible direction. Such tiles are widely used in buildings.

Bidirectional Panels: Structural strength is exerted in both directions to increase the panel's ability to be suitable for the building.