Glassware Items Every Restaurant Must Carry

Selecting the best glassware for your restaurant is possibly one of the most exacting tasks you are likely to face. A restaurant must be capable of serving all kinds of beverages, whether alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks. 

There is a wide selection of glassware options at Decanterus to ensure that the dining experience of every patron is enjoyable. While there are many varieties of glassware for restaurants, this glassware is essential at each establishment (assuming that they offer both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks).

Bar Glassware

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The primary glassware restaurants must have is drinking glasses, which are made up of juice glasses and water glasses. It is evident from the names of these glasses that they are made specifically for drinking the consumption of juice and water respectively. It's odd serving juice or water in a lowball or wine glass, wouldn't you think?

Furthermore, stemware is crucial as some people are extremely particular about how their drinks are served and served. It is essential to serve martinis, wines, or champagne. The reason that stemware comes with an over-the-top bowl as well as a stem, and finally flat bottom is so that the drinker can hold the glasses with its stem. 

The drinks discussed earlier are typically served without ice, and when you hold the glass with the bowl the drink's temperature will be affected by the heat generated by the hands. Therefore, the stem can be useful.

Restaurants will never be able to go wrong by having different kinds of glasses for beer on hand. A lot of people don't realize that there are a variety of beer glasses to choose from. You can find more than you could imagine. Each one of these glasses has particular functions. The small details enhance the taste of beer.