The Meaning of Wedding Favours

It has been a tradition to hand out wedding favors for hundreds of years. This practice is still widely used around the world. Although wedding favors have been handed out since the Middle Ages, they were often sweets or candies in beautifully packaged trinket boxes. Today, top dessert boxes in Australia also known as wedding favours include everything from small silver trinkets to exquisite chocolates.

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Sugar was an important symbol of wealth and royalty back then, as it was very expensive. A trinket box, usually made from metal or porcelain, was a special item. It was often decorated with precious stones and was meant to be a reminder of the happy occasion. 

Wedding favors were not meant to be keepsakes. They were meant to remind people of happy occasions and to show appreciation from the bride and groom. The edible variety is the most popular wedding favor. These favors are often personalized chocolates but they can also include almonds or specific coffee types.

There are also non-edible options, such as scented candles in different sizes and natural items like seashells or engraved stone. If the couple feels that something is important or significant to them, they can use it as a wedding favour, perhaps even specific flower seeds.

Nowadays, wedding favors are more about the groom and bride than the tradition. While they still follow tradition when they hand out favours, they can now be very personal and fit a specific theme that is important to the event or the bride. Current trends are to mark favours with engraving and personalization. This allows guests to add something special and unique to their event.