What is Trenching, Subdividing, & Concrete?

Trenching is a construction method that involves digging a trench in the earth. Trenches are used to create underground spaces, such as tunnels and trenches for power lines or water pipes. They can also be used to create new land, such as when a hill is cut down. Navigate to this site to learn more about trenching services.

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Subdividing is a process of dividing an area into smaller pieces of land, usually by cutting them up with a bulldozer. Subdivision gives you the right to build on your property as long as it doesn't cover more than one acre. You can use subdividing in order to split a larger piece of land into smaller pieces, so that different people can own different parts of the same property.


Concrete is a combination of cement, sand and water that hardens when it dries. When it's poured in place, concrete forms a permanent foundation for structures and walls that are built on top of it. Concrete can be poured just like poured concrete mix is used to make a concrete sidewalk, driveway or pool deck. 

Also, a layer of the same size of sand is used on the inside of the formwork in order for it to work properly. The sand forms a tight seal between the top and bottom layers of concrete. This will prevent water from seeping through when you are pouring your concrete slab as well as prolonging its lifespan by preventing water from getting into the concrete itself. As time goes on, some formwork may break down due to age or use; however, try not to remove it until it breaks.