android test automation

The Journey Of Test Automation

Testing software is a vital process, and everyone is in agreement about this. The only difference is in the timing and scope of the effort. The testing industry has gone from a time when testing was seen as an after-development, maintenance task. It has been a gradual transition to a more integrated development and testing process. 

Both the development and testing process often merge and bring both advantages as well as new problems. The obvious benefit is quick feedback. We must find out about any errors as quickly as possible. You can get more information about android test automation via

The more obscure issue is the cost of maintenance and overhead. It will be a problem for us in the future.

Since the very beginning of the business world, companies have adopted Continuous Integration. When an individual developer is ready to commit a code, they first have to go through Unit Tests. If everything is green, then only he can put the code into use. Per-commit jobs are also gaining popularity. 

The bulk of functional testing has been done manually. One of the main reasons was the absence of software that could automatize software, and identify and report failures performing the same. 

Automated scripts usually code. They are the codes that check and validate other codes as well as, being codes, must be written, designed, and then maintained and examined. However, they have an important benefit – they perform just like other codes.