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How Does a Car Exhaust System Work – Components & Operation?

The job of the exhaust system is to remove the burned air-fuel mixture from the engine. But the efforts don't stop there. The system is also responsible for eliminating this pollution and reducing the noise generated. This system affects the overall performance of your car, so it is important to fix it.

Read on to learn how the system works and why it's so important to change exhaust products on time.

Exhaust system components

We need to see what parts are used in this system before we can examine how it works normally.

1. Exhaust manifold

The job of the exhaust manifold is to collect exhaust gases and direct them into the pipes. It is the first component of the system and is directly connected to the machine.

2. Oxygen sensor

Two oxygen sensors are used, one after the collector and the other after the catalytic converter. Its function is to detect the amount of oxygen in exhaust gases.

3. Piping

They connect different parts of the exhaust system and are often designed for high pressure.

4. Catalyst

The job of the catalytic converter, which is located behind the exhaust manifold, is to remove harmful gases such as NOx and CO from the exhaust gases.

5. Resonator

The resonator is located directly behind the catalytic converter on some, but not all, vehicles. Used to minimize noise at certain frequencies.