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Burger King is back with a new ad campaign that comes straight at Wendy's. The ad features a young woman who is struggling to make ends meet, and Burger King's slogan "Come and get it" becomes her mantra. The ad is Subtle but Powerful.

The ad starts out with the woman talking on the phone. She is told by her employer that she has been laid off and will need to find another job soon. She thanks her boss for giving her the opportunity to compete for the position, but then says that she can't just go out there and start looking right away. She needs time to figure out what to do next. You can also browse https://www.theaddigest.com/burger-king-ad/ to know more information about burger king ads.

Burger King Ad by Burger King

As she hangs up the phone, we see that she has been eating Burger King for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We then see that she's exhausted from trying to make ends meet, but still can't seem to break free from the burger king addiction. 

Suddenly, we see a car pull up beside her and a man gets out. He tells her that he found her job online – at Burger King! She is ecstatic and jumps into his car, ready to start fresh again. 

This ad is powerful because it reminds us all that if we are able to change just one thing about ourselves, we can finally break free from the chains that hold us down.

Burger King released an ad campaign where they are coming after their competition. The ad features a fast food worker who is given a challenging task: to eat as many Whoppers as possible in 30 minutes. The worker then sets to work and within minutes, has already finished the challenge. Burger King's goal is to show that they are the best option for fast food by demonstrating their speed and efficiency.