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Advantages Of Registering Documents

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You could end up in long-lasting legal trouble if you make a single mistake, whether it is a typographical or registration delay. Even a poor or incomplete attestation could result in a significant court battle.

Let's take the case just recently decided by the Supreme Court. The father of appeal.

Attestation of a will

Two independent witnesses must sign a will to attest to it. Although they do not have to sign in person, the witnesses must witness you signing your will. Witnesses should not receive any benefit from your will. This means that you should not leave your assets to them or their spouse.

Mandatory registration

The registration of documents is the most important aspect of the latest judgment. Numerous courts in the country have repeatedly ruled that property transfers are invalid simply because the document claiming such a transfer wasn't registered. 

Optional registration

All documents do not need to be registered under the  Registration Act. There is a distinction between mandatory registration and optional registration. Act states that documents relating to the transferor disposition of movable property are exempted from registration. A letter of authority, or power of attorney, concerning movable properties does not need to be registered.