CPE Accounting

Trends in CPE for Accountants

The most revered universities around the globe including Harvard and MIT have set the standard in doing something that was previously unimaginable providing access to hundreds of online courses for credit for no cost to prospective students. 

What is the reason for non-profit institutions to give the content they have coveted away? They have discovered that this strategy allows the potential student to "sample their offerings" before committing to an expensive commitment.

As a group of everlasting learners, accountants can profit greatly from the transition to online cpe accounting education, an improvement that saves both students and teachers both time as well as moment exempt from these shifts in the way that people are exposed to information and why. 

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Accounting professionals are that they will spend for it. Since CPAs have a 40-hour/year continual professional development (CPE) requirement Our profession is profoundly affected by changes in pedagogy and the trends in education.

However, the state-run national and a majority of private for-profit education institutions serving the accounting profession maintain a traditional business model, as opposed to the mentioned universities. They continue to charge students for online learning and are now finding themselves competing with firms offering the same educational content at no cost. In the end, they're losing students.

Companies that are progressive and provide products and services for the accountant industry are also taking on the trend worldwide of providing free education, as they've realized the benefits of education as a way to reach the most targeted market.