dha nursing license

What is a DHA Nursing License?

A DHA nursing license is a professional nursing license that allows an individual to practice nursing in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the regulatory body that issues these licenses. To be eligible for a DHA nursing license, an individual must have a valid nursing license from their country of origin and meet the minimum qualifications set by the DHA. For more information about dha nursing license you may Click here.

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The DHA has set certain standards that all nurses must meet in order to be licensed. These standards include holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing, having at least two years of post-graduation clinical experience, and passing the DHA licensing exam. Nurses who meet these requirements will be issued a temporary practicing license, which is valid for one year. After this year, nurses must renew their license by completing continuing education credits and paying a renewal fee.

While a DHA nursing license is not required for all positions in healthcare facilities in the UAE, it is required for certain positions, such as head nurse or charge nurse. For these positions, employers will typically only consider candidates who hold a DHA nursing license. Therefore, if you are looking for work as a nurse in the UAE, it is recommended that you obtain your DHA nursing license.