hair integration system

The Definitive Guide To Hair Replacement In Toronto

Transplants are one of the most popular methods of hair replacement and for good reason. A successful transplant will restore the hairline and natural density, it will be constant and in most cases hair growth will continue. 

However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. But you can also opt for the best and non surgical hair integration system at

Given that this is a serious operation, you must be in good general health and there must be a large amount of benign or "donor" hair present for the operation. 

During surgery, the transplant surgeon may use the FUT method to implant hair from a single hair (Follicular Unit Transplant) or remove it separately and transplant it elsewhere (Follicular Unit Extraction). 

A lesser known method of hair replacement, but one that is rapidly gaining popularity, is hair integration. This method restores all the hair without the need for surgery or a wig cover. 

The microfine mesh base is designed to cover areas of hair loss. Then 100% human hair is colored according to the desired color and attached to the base. The base is then fixed on your scalp with a system of tiny invisible pearls. 

A hair system specialist can talk to you about durability, appearance, and fitting options. Some systems are more durable than others. Although some are very fine, they can provide the most natural hair.