Halo Engagement Ring

What Is A Halo Cut Engagement Ring?

A halo-cut engagement ring has a central stone surrounded by a border. These borders are usually set with smaller stones. This simple definition allows for lots of variation. The halo cut design can be used to make a variety of ring styles. This design offers something for everyone because of its many possibilities.

The halo is used to highlight the central diamond. The border can be thought of as a frame for a beautiful painting. It is an item that complements the surrounding piece as well as enhances its beauty.  You can easily buy emeralds halo diamond rings via www.luxegemmes.com/collections/halo

This border doesn't have to be adorned with stones. Plain metal borders are often seen. This border can have any shape, regardless of whether it is made with stones or not. While circular borders are the most popular for halo-cut engagement rings, they are also available in oval, rectangular, and heart-shaped forms.

Because of the way that halo-cut diamonds look best when placed side by side, cushion cut is a common style for a halo-cut engagement ring. There are many variations in the appearance of the cushion cut depending on how the facets are placed and how they're rounded at their edges. 

The main focus of the ring is the diamonds at the center. However, the shank can enhance the overall design. Split shank is a popular design. The shank is split into two sections and connects with the central setting.

While halo-cut engagement rings are not new, they are gaining popularity. The halo design offers a wide range of options for those looking for unusual and beautiful engagement rings.