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5 Laser Hair Removal Myths and their Facts

Myth 1: The Lasers Can Harm Your Internal Organs

Fact: The laser beam works under some set limits. Lasers used for hair removal can penetrate up to 1 / 4 mm only into your skin, then how can they reach the inner organs. Laser Hair removal is a very safe technique that has been accepted by the USA food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Myth 2: It Is an Expensive Procedure

Fact: Hair laser removal services are quite on the expensive side, but a normal person can afford them. There are many types of treatments available and it also depends on the specifications you need. But, nowadays technology has become so, advanced that we can even do laser hair removal at home. You can try Laser Handset for hair removal from hey silky skin. It is the most trusted and tried brand by many people.

Myth 3: The Procedure Is Extremely Painful

Fact: Many patients undergo gentle to average pain and distress as the laser beams create an incident on the skin, but the discomfort is tolerable. Some burning sensations can also be experienced by people. If you have experienced waxing then you can easily tolerate the laser treatment pain. It is mild than waxing.

Myth 4: Laser Treatments Only Works On Face

Fact: Laser treatments were popular for face hair removal initially. But, laser treatments can be used on any body part. It is recommended to not use laser treatment around your eye area. because eye area skin is a very sensitive region of the face.So, if you want a quick and easy way for laser hair removals at home,then you can chekout hey silky skin Laser Handset .

Myth 5: Lasers Can Cause Skin Cancer

Fact: It is just popular propaganda spread about lasers. I have already discussed above that it is approved by FDA. Also, there is no study supporting this myth that relates laser treatments to skin cancer.