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How to Choose the Right Sauna Spa?

When choosing a sauna spa, there are many factors to consider. First, look out for sauna options. There should be many sauna options available, not just one steam bath and a sauna. Some spas have only a steam bath and traditional sauna. These are all great, but you want to find a spa that offers both infrared saunas as well as hybrid saunas. 

Hybrid saunas combine both a traditional hot-rock sauna and an infrared sauna. Large community spas may have one sauna and steam room. You should also look for a sauna spa like which will save your settings for each session. You can save your settings so you don't need to change anything and you know exactly what to expect every time you go.

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Far infrared Heating is a must if you want to have a spa-like experience. Weekly infrared sauna usage has many benefits, including weight loss, detoxification and pain relief, as well as improved skin tone. You can use infrared saunas at lower temperatures to get therapeutic results. When you combine this technology and a steam heater or hot rock, it creates the most enjoyable sauna experience. 

Infrared technology is more effective for therapy because it penetrates the body and raises temperature through a process called "inversion". Traditional saunas heat only the air around them and our skin absorbs very little heat. You should look for sauna spas that use eco-friendly woods and efficient electrical components. 

Red cedar or hemlock are the best woods to use. Both are sustainable and great choices. Panels that emit infrared radiation should have a minimum efficiency rating of 95%. Panels with efficiency ratings between 70-90% and infrared saunas should be avoided as they use a lot of energy heating up.