Kid’s Oral health

Choosing A Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are dentists who treat children as young as their infancy and teens. At that point, they can switch to regular dentistry. After becoming a licensed dentist, a dentist can specialize in pediatric dentistry. They must have completed four years in dental school, as well as two years of residency training in dentistry to treat infants and teens with special needs.

Meet our Kaneohe dentists who offer the following treatments:

* Infant oral health exams.

* Preventive dental care includes cleanings, fluoride treatments, and nutrition information.

* Counseling to address habits like thumb sucking or pacifier use.

* Early diagnosis and treatment for incorrect biting correction and teeth straightening.

* Removing decay or filling in tooth cavities.

 Pediatric Dentist

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There are several things you need to look out for when you're looking for pediatric dentistry. You can ask family and friends for recommendations or ask your child's doctor.

* The search tool of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry can help you locate dental clinics in your local area.

* Look for a pediatric dentist who will make your child's first visit to a dentist as easy as possible.

* Before making an appointment for your child, schedule a consultation with a dentist when you are looking for pediatric dentistry.

* Children can get bored easily, especially younger children. Do they have toys or coloring books? It is important to understand the needs of children of all ages.

These are just a few of the many factors you need to consider before choosing a pediatric dentist.