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3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Martial Arts Skills

For some martial art practitioners, yoga may seem like an odd way to improve your performance. One is fighting-based, the other is more passive, a meditation which is more than an exercise. In general, yoga and martial arts are very similar, and top martial arts competitors know that incorporating yoga into their training regime can really give them a performance edge.

Both yoga and martial arts are used to promote personal development, increase self-awareness and release tension. Like martial arts, yoga also emphasizes letting go of distractions and being mindful of only the present.

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It increases endurance

With regular yoga practice, your endurance or stamina will inevitably develop along the way. If you’re looking to improve your overall body strength, holding different asanas or yoga poses for long periods will serve you greatly by increasing your stamina and mental toughness. As a bonus, the breathing and meditation techniques one learns through yoga may also help to clear the mind more efficiently and increase focus.

It improves balance

Based on the appearance of yoga poses, even those unfamiliar with yoga would gather that aside from flexibility, it is also an effective way to improve balance. Yoga can help to strengthen our balance through the increased awareness of our mind and bodies – as they are closely related. Though yoga does require physical strength and flexibility, it demands that it also requires us to be aware of our mind and energy. As our mind and body become more aligned, the easier we would achieve balance.

It develops and improves flexibility

In general, increased flexibility is often perceived to be one of the main benefits of yoga, and it certainly comes in handy in martial arts practice. Flexibility is highly required for crucial moves such as high kicks and submissions. Having increased flexibility will also help in preventing risks of injuries during fights.