Memorial Cards

All You Need To Know About Memorial & Memoriam Cards

What is Memorial Cards?

Although memorial cards can sometimes be a broad term used in reference to the greater range of memorial products including wallet cards and bookmarks, generally speaking, memorial cards are folding cards that contain a photo, information such as date of birth & address, and verses in remembrance of a loved one.

Is there a difference between Memorial and Memoriam Cards?

The short answer is no, memorial and Memoriam cards is a word that is used interchangeably to describe what is essentially the same thing. Sometimes they are also called memory cards or mortuaries. You can also design a memorial card for your loved one with the help of professionals of memorial cards in Dublin.

Who should they be sent to?

Unlike acknowledgment cards, there is no real tradition as to who should and shouldn’t receive one. What would be best is for the family to make a list of people from the family and friends circle of the deceased, from experience some people prefer to order a smaller amount of cards and only give them to close members of the family and friends.

While others prefer to send them out to more extended members of the family and friends.

If the deceased was a member of a sports club or community organization or had a large family or friends group it may be an idea to order a larger amount of cards to make sure everyone gets one. It may also be an idea to keep a couple aside for people who didn’t receive one and might ask for one in the future.