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What Types of Testing Does QA Involve?

There are several types of testing that QA staff may conduct in order to ensure the quality of a product or service: functional testing, user testing, system testing, and regression testing.

Functional testing checks that the features of a product work as intended. This includes tests that verify the functionality of individual components and components in combination.

These tests can include automated and manual testing of user interfaces, buttons, menus, and other interactive elements. You can also contact Call Center QA & get Quality Assurance for Call Centers from Callcriteria.

User testing occurs when a tester hands the product over to a person who uses it for their own purposes. The tester does not know how the product will be used by the person testing it; therefore, the tester must ask questions about use scenarios that could result in issues with the product's operation.

System testing is performed to verify that all parts of a system work together as intended. This includes checking that individual components are functioning properly within an integrated software system or hardware device. Regression testing is used to test whether new code introduced into an existing program has any negative effects on its function and performance. 

 If you are having difficulties with a specific group of customers, consider what might be causing the problem for this group of customers and address it before you do for all customers who may encounter similar problems with your product or service.