Revel Nation Carnival event

The History of Revel Nation Carnival

Revel Nation Carnival is a spin-off of the popular Freak Show event that brings carnival-themed fun to the whole family. The events have taken place annually in various cities across America since 2010, and are now available in London, UK as well.

Revel Nation Carnival is a guaranteed pure fun experience for all ages, with attractions including a giant Slip ‘N’ Slide, a Ferris Wheel, bumper cars, and much more. The biggest carnival in Miami 2022 is back & registration is also open.You can go and check out from various online sources.

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The event offers something for everyone and has even been known to bring together families from different backgrounds. Whether you’re looking for a day of laughs with your friends or an action-packed adventure filled with excitement and thrills, Revel Nation Carnival has you covered.

Take a look at our Facebook page for more info on dates and locations. true Swingin’ on a Star is the original carnival-style amusement park, complete with Ferris Wheel, bumper cars, and all kinds of rides for everyone to enjoy. The park started in 1974 as a small backyard attraction called Party Time Amusement Park near Owensboro, Kentucky.

It was founded by Jim Williams and wife Elaine who wanted to provide their children with an affordable fair-type experience. In 1999 the Williams family sold the company to Rick Prough and his family, who have continued on the business path that Jim had chosen two decades earlier. Swingin’ on a Star has expanded over hundreds of acres of land at various locations worldwide.