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What is Scoliosis? And Its Treatment In Singapore

Idiopathic scoliosis is primarily a neurological condition that causes a child's spine to twist and bend during the adolescent growth spurt. For unknown reasons, it affects women with a much higher percentage of men and the peak frequency of rapid progression of the scoliosis curve is 12 years.

While the exact cause of idiopathic scoliosis remains unknown, recent scientific evidence in the field of genetic testing (Scoliscore) has helped determine the nature of the disease is multifactorial (having both environmental and genetic components).

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Conventional methodologies for treating scoliosis focus on treating spinal curvature alone. And not on major environmental influences combined with a genetic predisposition that actually causes spinal curvature.

Any attempt to treat spinal curvature alone without reducing/eliminating environmental influences will have a low success rate and very limited long-term benefit. A new process for treating scoliosis emerged based on the idea that scoliosis can be prevented. And maybe even cured with a scoliosis treatment program that focuses on the cause and not just the curve. 

This approach to reducing/eliminating the “environmental impact” of scoliosis treatment will usher in a new generation in the field of scoliosis treatment.

What is the Scoliosis Boot Camp program?

Doctors around the world have begun to rethink scoliosis treatment with a mission to find better ways to treat scoliosis in the future. The driving philosophy behind the development of treatment methodologies is to treat the suspected cause of scoliosis, not just the curvature of the spine (symptom).